What is K>516?

We started our brand in July of 2020 with the focus of bringing premium quality streetwear that is made to last. The name is inspired by my grandfather Kayedon Randolph; “K’ being the first of his first name and “516” being his date of birth. The greater than sign signifies rising above one's origins, a reminder that we are greater than the circumstances of our birth. Inspired by his unwavering determination in the face of adversity, we embody this by never succumbing to life's challenges.

Our Mission

Our message is “Rise Above. Live Life. Be You.” Our mission is to inspire you to navigate life's obstacles with boldness and a positive mindset. Defeat is not an option for us. We create bold, expressive, and narrative designs that embody grace and resilience, encouraging you to move forward with positivity. Through a variety of themes and concepts, we aim to empower individuals to face challenges head-on.

Our Values

We want to achieve this by way of slow fashion. Each piece is meticulously cut and sewn with premium materials. We prioritize quality by working with manufacturers who craft garments that endure the test of time. Our pieces are created by way of a small batch manufacturer in Lansing, Michigan from start to finish.

With that being said, each drop will be limited. We believe in working with manufacturers that provides fair treatment and fair wages of their workers. While we don't focus on sustainable materials, we ensure the sourcing of premium materials without limitations.

We believe that defeat is not an option.

“Rise Above. Live Life. Be You”